Bob’s Burgers Drinking Game

  • Drink for Tina’s “uuugggghhhh”
  • Drink when Linda sings
  • Drink when Louise is aggressive (in words or actions)
  • Drink when Gene is encouraging/positive/helpful (and funny)
  • Drink when Bob is embarrassed (or should be)
  • And Drink for a new Burger of the day

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Impractical Jokers Drinking Game


Pick your character and drink when they do the following: 

– Neck twitch
– Teased for balding
– Eats on Camera

– Is told he looks homeless
– It is mentioned he has cats or is single
– Wearing an American Flag in some form

– Belly is predominantly displayed or referenced
– Lip sweat
– Fearlessly does a dare/challenge given by the other guys

– Acts effeminate, grossed out, or is unreasonably against/afraid of something
– Sal falls over laughing
– Sal is annoyed by Murr